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Aloha and Welcome to Roy Sakuma's Web Site!

Welcome to RoySakuma.net, your online resource for ukulele lessons, music, concerts, and festivals in Hawaii.

Roy Sakuma is recognized as Hawaii’s foremost ukulele teacher and proponent of the instrument.

Innovative, inspirational, warm, funny and kind are all words used to describe Roy. In over 30 years of teaching the ukulele, he has been all of these things and more in his role as teacher, producer, promoter and inspiration to thousands of students and the island community that benefits from his talents.

In the 1960′s, as America’s youth latched onto the larger, louder, more swaggering guitar, the little instrument from Hawaii was relegated to the attic. Roy knew the instrument’s true worth. And so for over the past 30 years, with his wife Kathy, and their staff of instructors and supporters, his mission has been to spread the joy of the ukulele teaching students and promoting the annual Ukulele Festival, the largest ukulele festival of its kind in the world.

The ukulele has come a long way. It’s cool to play the ukulele. Youngsters jam at school between classes, at the park and the mall.The ukulele embraces everyone who hears it.

As Roy Sakuma understood decades ago, that’s the irresistible charm of the ukulele.

Roy Sakuma Highlights and News

Best of Honolulu Family Magazine Music Lessons 2019

Living Treasures of Hawaii 2017
Roy & Kathy Sakuma

HARA Lifetime Achievement Award 2016
2016 Award Recipients

FBI Director's Community Leadership Award 2016
Roy Sakuma & Director James Comey

Peace Day Hawaii Distinguished Peacemakers Award 2014
Roy & Kathy Sakuma

NFL Pro Bowl 2013
700 students perform Pre-Game Show

Masters of Innovation Honorees 2010
Roy Sakuma with Satoru Abe, Anne Namba, DK Kodama, Ken Hayashida

Roy and Kathy Sakuma
SBA Small Business of the Year 2008



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