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Hands on Healing - Ukulele Lessons for Cancer Patients
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Hands on Healing Program – Ukulele Lessons for Cancer Patients

Hands on Healing provides an environment where those facing cancer may explore and discover their creative resources to promote physical, mental and spiritual healing. Established by the late Ruth Aloni, we are proud to continue her mission through free ukulele lessons.

Please join us and discover new personal expression in a non-medical setting. It is a great way to quiet your mind while keeping your hands busy. You will make new friends and discover new things about yourself and have a lot of fun! This is truly “art for the soul” – come and experience what that might mean for you.

Who can attend Hands on Healing classes?
Any cancer patient or survivor can register and bring their caregiver or one family member with them. You can take just one class or as many as you like.

Why should I consider taking one of Hands on Healing classes? I'm not “musical”.
It’s about having a good time, losing yourself in an activity and perhaps finding something new that gives your voice an outlet. And it’s fun! Once you take a class you’ll see what a difference it can make.

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