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Sakuma Vows Had Strings Attached

Kathy Sakuma learned 29 years ago how vital the ‘ukulele was to her then husband-to-be, Roy Sakuma. Read More


James Ingram Graces Uke Fest

Grammy Award Pop Vocalist, James Ingram joins Roy Sakuma at Starbucks 35th Annual Ukulele Festival Read More


Ukulele Master

The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts is honoring “Ohta-San", a legend whose influence spans generations Read More

“FOLLOW ME” by Manoa DNA; CD Review

A spendid debut by a versatile combo with a bright future


Fan Says the Ukulele Is a Honolulu of a Jazz Instrument

For decades, Roy Sakuma has been one of the musicians who’s been trying to… One of those players was Roy Sakuma, who remembers being captivated by…

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Sales Bogus, `Ukulele Teacher Says

Roy Sakuma, the owner of the four O’ahu ‘ukulele studios that carry his name, wants people to know that he never asks students to sell anything for fund-raisers. Read More


Ukulele Festival Strums Along

It began as the dream of a high school dropout. And now Roy Sakuma’s annual ukulele festival has surpassed in longevity similar events of the past.

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No Sweat, No Fret

Roy Sakuma’s unique lesson plan has helped thousands of students master the ukulele since 1974.

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Lucky You Live Hawaii

He’s Roy Sakuma, just another reason you’re so Lucky You Live Hawaii. It’s been a series of wishes for Roy Sakuma. The first wish came more than 30…

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A passion for the uke? Western Wanderings

“The ukulele is my passion,” says Roy Sakuma. “I love it so much.” Roy Sakuma is Hawaii’s ukulele impresario: the figure who has rescued the instrument …

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